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Use-Case No 2


In a location that has classes- workshops- art residencies around a specific art Medium like ceramics with a cafe shop in promise there is an opportunity to offer a variety of weekly or monthly events centered around different themes in the world of pottery and ceramics. As an illustration, the theme of the month focuses on the pottery of South Africa. Exploring the symbolism of South Africa's indigenous culture and its impact on pottery- 


During that month,They could make use of the Colourbox kiosk installed in their space to showcase a diverse collection of artwork from various regions of South Africa or-and artists who have incorporated indigenous African symbolism into their artwork.


They also have the opportunity to invite a visiting artist who specializes in contemporary pottery of South Africa or traditional pottery techniques of South Africa to conduct classes and workshops throughout the month. They could consider hosting a movie night showcasing a captivating documentary on the art of South African pottery. The venue can organize a fundraising campaign to support local South African potters or African indigenous-local people. Patrons can contribute to the cause by purchasing a digital copy of the showcased artwork on the Colourbox kiosk or buying merchandise featuring the artists' work. In return, patrons will earn points towards the venue's collective reward system.

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