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ClrBx for Art Fairs and Galleries 

Colour Box Kiosk for galleries and art fairs: the Colour box Kiosk allows a gallery or an art fair host to 10X their wall space and sales. These days a lot of galleries and art fairs are using a digital display to showcase artworks that could not be otherwise displayed on walls, because of lack of funds or space. Unfortunately, these digital displays do not provide a way for the art buyer to interact with our art. They can look at it and probably if there is some sort of QR code or paper leaflet along with the digital display, they can go and then, in an off-hand manner, contact the gallerist or the artist to express interest, but there is no way to directly look at an art and connect with and buy that art. By upgrading these displays to our interactive color box kiosk, the art buyer can browse the digital representation of art at their own pace, and when they like something, they can touch it and are provided with a user interface that allows them to either buy the original, sign up to get more information, or buy prints.

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