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ColourBox is a platform that enables
 to Discover Artists and Art-related Venues
and organize art shows


ColourBox is an online platform that facilitates collaborations between curators, artists, and art-related venues. Curators can easily find artists whose work matches the theme of their art show on this platform. The app simplifies the process of organizing art shows by helping curators find the perfect venue and facilitating the sale of artwork and art-related merchandise. The art shows and artworks can be easily discovered by art collectors through Colorbox, which provides greater success and visibility for both the artists and the curated shows.


ClrBx for Curators


Clrbx collective is the best online platform for curators to discover and keep connected with artists for their future art shows and events


Clrbx is the first platform in the market for curators to discover venues for their upcoming art shows


ClrBx provides curators with an efficient tool to Organize art shows and create calls for artists


The ClrBx platform enables curators to create indivisualized store front to Sell artwork and art-related merchandise


ClrBx provides an advanced search engine for curated art shows to Be discovered by collectors and art enthusiast

ColourBox Kiosk




ColourBox Kiosk is an interactive monitor that you can install in your presentation space to 10X your Wall space, Sales and Community  

ClrBx Kiosk
for Art Fairs and Galleries

ClrBx Kiosk
for Hotels Cafes and Venues

ClrBx Kiosk
for Individual ARTISTS


ClrBx for Art Fairs and Galleries 

 The Colour box Kiosk allows a gallery or an art fair host to 10X their wall space and sales. These days a lot of galleries and art fairs are using a digital display to showcase artworks that could not be otherwise displayed on walls, because of lack of funds or space. Unfortunately, these digital displays do not provide a way for the art buyer to interact with our art. They can look at it and probably if there is some sort of QR code or paper leaflet along with the digital display, they can go and then, in an off-hand manner, contact the gallerist or the artist to express interest, but there is no way to directly look at an art and connect with and buy that art. By upgrading these displays to our interactive color box kiosk, the art buyer can browse the digital representation of art at their own pace, and when they like something, they can touch it and are provided with a user interface that allows them to either buy the original, sign up to get more information, or buy prints. a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


ClrBx for Cafes, Hotels and Venues 


Gain greater visibility and recognition


Attract a larger customer base


Grow in revenue


Be acknowledged as patrons of art and culture


The ClrBx Kiosk can be a great tool for any business, such as a café, hotel, or any venue that promotes art. Currently, In most of these businesses, it is difficult to learn more and get in touch with curators and the art community about the displayed artwork, except maybe by scanning a printed QR code or a printed text, with an email or contact information. There is no way for anyone to immediately engage with that artwork. Upgrading to the colorBox kiosk will enable an art lover, to browse the curated art selection at their own pace, and when they like something, they can go ahead directly engage and join the Artist’s or the Venu’s social media. Not only that, they could also order a print which can become an additional revenue stream, or subscribe to that venue or artist’s mailing list and get enrolled in a rewards program, making them eligible to get a discount for one of the offerings of the venue. For example, a café, can offer them a dollar off their purchase. The Clrbx Kiosk for a venue can be a 10X multiplier to increase community interactions.


ClrBx for Individual Artists 


Exhibit in trendy spots in NYC, no matter where you live 

You, no matter where you live, will have the opportunity to showcase your work in various curated venues, art based coffee shops, and high end lifestyle businesses in New York City. Your art will be exhibited as there's a match with your concept and the theme at the venue.



Focus on creating and promoting your art, your sales are automated

Colourbox has a built-in system that automatically sends artwork to print-shops to get printed after it is purchased. So you can focus on art and promoting your art, and reap the benefits of your automated sales.


Cultivate new Patrons

You will build a support system through the Colourbox App. People can directly join your social media- Instagram and in exchange of a pledge for a monthly “donation” can get access to a Fan’s only  Discord or telegram channel.


Set yourself up to be discovered by collectors, curators, and venue owners. 

The Colorbox app uses AI to help collectors and curators find artists based on the theme of their current assignment or interests.


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